Detailed Scope and A Project Manager's Eye For Detail

Detailed Scope and A Project Manager's Eye For Detail

A project manager's "eye for detail" is crucial to the preparation and smooth operation of a home renovation or home build project. This is especially true in the construction planning phase as it is fundamental in the smooth execution of what is often a very challenging task: home restoration. Paying attention to detail along with a good construction plan forms the basis for developing the budget and scheduling the various phases of the work. If the project manager and his team are not able to assess all details accurately it will hinder the outcome of the project, slow things down and frustrate everyone involved.

DMJ Design Build ensures that all of our project managers possess the "special eye for detail" from the very outset which results in the success of their projects. When it comes to the appointment of the various selected and or nominated subcontractors, they ensure that schedules of these preliminary items are included on the agenda at the outset and that they are monitored like clockwork.

A competent project manager, like a detective, begins by evaluating a result and must synthesize the steps required to produce the desired outcome.

All DMJ project managers are seasoned and trained to synthesize the steps required to produce the desired outcome. Attention to detail is an essential aspect of construction planning. The project manager's "eye for detail" is essential in the generation of required activities, analysis of the implications of these activities and the choice among the various alternative means of performing activities.

It has been said countless times that excellence resides in the detail. DMJ Design Build adheres religiously to this principle, ensuring the success of each project. There are a myriad of aspects to a project that can cause issues and delays, thus a project manager's ability to keep an eye on detail is vital. A satisfied customer is the reward of a job well done. Barbara in Marion, Texas, agrees:

"Dave (the DMJ project manager) was on the job site everyday checking and solving any little items before they became major issues. Have been thru renovations before, all are challenging, but I have to say this one was truly not and I accredit it to the team of craftsman they have assembled as the craftsmanship/skills were extremely good and the OUTSTANDING customer service. Was impressed with clean up at the end of the day and the extra precaution taken not to damage other parts of the house. Scheduling was good and easy. Highly recommend this company."